100% Pure Talalay Latex

Talalay Latex Foam Mattresses

About the Talalay Process

Each Latexpedic Mattress goes through the 5-Step Talalay Process.

The Talalay process is an elaborate process that yields very controlled densities and product "feel". The result is a healthier alternative to petroleum-based foams since many petroleum-based foams give off volatile organic compounds as they age. Natural latex foams created with the Talalay process are characterised as organic or completely natural.

The process utilizes a closed mold and is then vacuumized, followed by freezing to maintain uniform consistency, followed by vulcanization which locks in the consistency and then incrementally raised to the temperature of 230 degrees for a measured amount of time.  At this point, the foam form can be de-molded and sent to a washing step. The final step is the drying process where residual moisture is driven off.

Each core piece is made one-at-a-time.