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  907 Hollywood Way   12557 Harbor Blvd.   1035 E. Camelback Rd.  
  800-233-7382   800-824-3145   800-733-1818  
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What Does 55 Years of Experience Mean to You?

The RIGHT Product

Our motto since 1964 has been "Your Comfort Is Everything!"  Our 55 Years of Experience in the Electric Homecare Industry will mean the RIGHT Stair Lift for you.  Since 1964, we have never lost sight of the fact that our success is simply built upon finding you the RIGHT Product.  We are Authorized Dealers of over 50 Different Electric Homecare Manufacturers; Each with their own models and options.  Our experience will mean finding the RIGHT Electric Home Care Product for your Budget, Home and your Physical Condition. 


After the original Manufacturer's Warranty expires, ELECTROPEDIC will always charge your our cost for the part.


AT ELECTROPEDIC, We realize that your Electric Home Care Product  ALWAYS has to work.  If you ever need service,  we are just a phone call away (877)727-1954


At ELECTROPEDIC we realize that your long-term, trouble-free use of your electric home care product actually depends on the original DELIVERY & INSTALLATION.  Our Part.  We Install our New & Used Electric Home Care Products better than anyone else in the Industry.  Our Installation and Delivery People have OVER 10 YEARS of Experience EACH!  Getting it Done Right from the Beginning.  This is what we do.  AT ELECTROPEDIC, Delivery & Installation is not something that just has to get done:  DELIVERY & INSTALLATION IS EVERYTHING!


AFTER INSTALLATION, We patiently show you all the features and benefits of your Electric Home Care Product to make sure you know how to use your new product both easily and safely.

At ELECTROPEDIC, over 25% of our business is built upon referrals and repeat business.  We greatly appreciate that our Customer's refer many friends and family.   We hope to meet and exceed your highest expectations each time.

latex mattress Los Angeles CA

7/23/19   Arely B.  Los Angeles, CA

My only go to spot for anything mattress and pillow related. Skip the fake and carcinogenic stuff from the big chain stores. I bought a Latex mattress here that I've owned for about a year now. I went back recently and purchased pillows. Kane Garcia is, by far, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable sales representative I've come across. There's nothing he doesn't have an answer to. Next item: lift chair for my folks! Will update review then!


yelp latex mattress

1/9/2019   MK H.  Novato, CA

These people are the real deal.  They have integrity and a great product that you can't find elsewhere.  You would not know by looking at their web site.  I live in Northern California and have been buying Electropedic latex mattresses from them for 20 years.  I got the first one at a local store that went out of business and then found them in southern california.  These are terrific supportive mattresses for back or stomach sleepers or if you have an adjustable bed.  They are solid latex, one piece and have handles to make them easy to turn.  The mattress sleeps cool too.  Its not hot like memory foam.

They deliver to northern california at least once a week.  I decided I wanted to go firmer, and then changed my mind.  No problem, they picked up the old and replace with another at no charge.  They stand behind their warranty and are easy to talk to.

I love their mattresses so much I donated one to a guest room at friend's Tahoe cabin so we could sleep on "our" bed when we are invited up.  It turns out almost everyone likes this mattress better than the innerspring ones in the other bedrooms.

I've looked around.  You get what you pay for with latex mattresses.  Other stores and sites have latex "sandwichs" with layers of different kinds of latex inside a zipped mattress cover.  Then you can't put a handle on the mattress and you can't turn it or move it around and its just not as good.  

Fyi...I am very allergic to latex gloves, etc. but not allergic to these mattresses.

studio city ca stairlift yelp ratings reviews reports 5 star

5/29/2019   Shari A.  Studio City, CA

Too bad I can only give 5 stars. I was so afraid to trust anyone with such a purchase, but I eyes and rolled  the dice. I spoke.with Kane who went over everything about the chairlifts in detail. Kane was outstanding in the respect that he was VERY patient and kind as I was asking him to hold on a few.times while I spoke with the medical people in the room.  Wasn't ready really to go ahead with purchase,  but wrote everything down as I had done with another 2 companies.  After finding out husband was coming home the next day, I called.Kane back and scheduled for the next day. Francisco was the installer. He was phenomenal! VERY patient, kind, soft spoken, and let me video him on how to use lifts.  Additionally,  Tony, the sales rep was there. He was just making sure that everything was ok. I had told Kane that I am a germophobe and I hate shoes in the house. Francisco and Tony both walked.around in socks. Additionally,  Tony helped me put in a bed rail (strap). I cannot say enough about them. There were boxes, paper and cartons left all over because it was a new machine.  They cleaned up EVERYTHING  and even swept up the garage.  Fransisco loaded all the empty cartons into his truck. I was really just expecting someone to just come in, do the job without compassion and leave. Francisco said if there ever was a problem to call, but not to expect any. Tony even thanked me for my business!   So far so good! Thank you both!

north hollywood ca best yelp reviews ratings reports electric bed store
3/16/2018   Jeff G.   North Hollywood, CA

My dad is in New York City and he needs a lift bed. Not just one that cranks up and back at the head and feet, but which will actually help him to his feet. A bunch of online looking brought me to this showroom, which is in Burbank. I was treated with nothing but the highest courtesy and informativeness by Kane  who took me through possible features, mattresses, etc. He was forthright and non-pushy, but also not diffident. He spoke with my mom back in NYC, and allayed her concerns. The ordering process so far has been simple. The showroom is clear and well-lighted.

So now let's see how the delivery process goes, but so far, I don't know how the experience could have been better. BTW, there was no place in NYC that had an actual showroom for these beds. Seriously. We're lucky.


camarillo CA local yelp best latex natural organic bed store

1/22/2018  Joe W.  Camarillo, CA

I've had my new mattress for over a month but did not want to review it until I slept on it for awhile. After working in the mattress industry I decided that latex was by far the best material for a mattress, the first reason is the excellent support it provides without sinking into it, secondly they last far longer than the traditional mattress. The trick is getting a latex mattress that is 100% natural and not a blended latex. After speaking with Lloyd and Kane extensively they convinced me that their mattresses were in fact, 100% natural talalay latex. They also had it at a better price than their competitors who were much less knowledgeable and unable to convince me that theirs was the quality I was looking for.

I highly recommend Electropedic mattresses and their staff. They have shown me that they are honorable. Meanwhile I just love the mattress. I am a senior and have the normal aches and pains that go along with that, I can honestly say that I look forward to getting into that bed and I wake up with much less pain. I also have a thing about body impressions and this mattress has shown no signs of getting them.

Give them your trust and business and enjoy a fantastic mattress at a great price.


los angeles ca local yelp review reclining seat lift chair recliner

3/13/2018   Helene R.   Los Angeles CA

I had the incredible good fortune to call Electropedic, inquiring about a heavy duty lift chair.  Kane Garcia, answered the telephone and took time to explain the types of chairs they had in their showroom and what type of chair I might be interested in purchasing.  

We drove to Burbank, from West L.A., to sample the chairs and I'm so happy I did!  The chairs I researched online, led me to believe a Pride chair would be best...I was so wrong.  The winner was "The Cloud" by Golden technologies.  It is an absolute dream!  Frankly, the comparison of the two was like night and day, the Golden Technologies chairs were by far superior in style, comfort and performance.

I have arthritis in both knees and disc problems in the lower back.  With the cloud, I am able to sit and go into a standing position without any pain or pressure to the knees or back.  I was stunned at the incredible difference that chair made.

We ordered it today and it will arrive on Wednesday of this week, great customer service!

As long as I was in the store I inquired about a power scooter.  Kane came to the rescue, once again!  He had me try a scooter and said "go outside and try it."  I felt fully independent for the first time in a long time.  The power scooter is next on my purchase list, along with an adjustable bed which we were shown as well.

Now, if I could only get that adorable "Spartacus" Maltese puppy in the deal, life would be perfect.  Looking forward to being pain free and comfortable with the heavy duty lift recliner.

Buy without hesitation, the customer service and knowledge is admirable.  So grateful to have found Electropedic!


5 star yelp review texas report consumer best quality

7/7/2018   Lou R   New Braunfels, TX

Have been loyal customer for over 15 yrs.  Lloyd has always treated me fairly and helped me with my needs.

mobility 3 wheel travel scooter reviews yelp takeapart folding lightweight reports

8/3/2017   Nanami M.   Tacoma, WA

If I could give more than five stars I would.  
My circumstance was odd and Kane worked with me everyday he could to try to satisfy my mother in law.  
She cannot walk or travel and I was out of state.  He created some options for her to be able to try out the chairs.  Kane really goes out of his way to satisfy his customers.  I will not go to anyone else!


5 star yelp review natural organic latex mattress ratings reports

5/14/2017   Sandra C.  Burbank, CA

Can I give more than Five Stars...!!!
I've had several wonderful experience with this store.
Can you say.... EXCEPTIONAL customer service!  They went the extra mile and it was appreciated. The first experience was with Kane, who is great and knowledgeable answered all of my questions and trust me, I came prepared with man questions.
I purchased two organic mattresses that are an unusual size (full Extra long)  Side note: if you have never had the pleasure of laying in one and setting it to "zero gravity" you must do so!
Second experience was when I decided that I wanted an organic mattress cover and was particular with what I had in mind. I worked with Lloyd, who I believe is one of the owners, I love family owned businesses!  Anyhow, I don't think I have EVER had someone put so much time and genuine care into helping me. Lloyd went above and beyond making many calls to fabric suppliers looking for what I had requested and eventually found what I was looking for. It was a special order that needed to be made for me and he tracked the progress and had it shipped directly to me.
I can't say enough about this great company. I love my bed and my mom loves hers as well. I hope anyone out there reading this who is shopping for any types of products they sell will do themselves a favor and go to Electropedic   :)


5 star yelp review los angeles mobility gogo scooter pride ratings and reports

6/15/2017   Richie F.   Los Angeles, CA.

Two words KANE GARCIA ! After looking on google for the best place to buy a mobility scooter I was convinced that electro would be an excellent start ! My grandpa had been needing a mobility scooter for about a month now and insurance couldn't cover us. Kane was knowledgeable about all the scooters, and everything in his store( lift chairs, stair lifts, etc ) I didn't get a good price Kane gave me a great price! My scooter was delivered the very next day and I the kind man delivering the scooter set it up for me and showed me how to use it ! Excellent experience.  I highly recommend to anyone looking for a mobility scooter stair lifts, and lift


california king adjustable bed los angeles ca yelp review

1/29/2018   Lisa P.   Los Angeles, CA

We just bought a california king adjustable electropedic latex bed and it's the BEST bed my husband and I have ever slept in!  Both Kane and Lloyd are absolutely amazing to work with and they make the whole process easy and they stand by their product.  They are professional and accommodating and provide incredible customer service.  I would highly recommend this bed and this company!

yelp review local rating report florence az reclining seat leather lift chair

8/21/2017   Phillip T.  Florence, AZ.

Wonderful, professional, informative and very caring people.  I thought a lift char was just a lift chair.  Weight, height and support are very important.  Marshall and Tom really helped me in Phoenix.  Thanks guys.  Looking forward to getting my chair.


5 star yelp review simi valley rating report

8/30/2017   Maureen F.   Simi Valley, CA.

I'm so pleased with Cain and the incredible service he provided. I was able to get my bed delivered the same day ( also the delivery was seamless thanks to Chuey and George ).  Cain made it all happen, answered all my questions and reinforced my decision to buy at Electropedic  a second time. Love my bed. This is my second and I wouldn't and didn't check anywhere else. Thank you again Cain, for going the extra mile!

upland ca yelp review lift chair
10/1/2016   Linda B.  Upland, CA.

Once again, Kane Garcia provided amazing service!  My dad needed a lift chair and Kane delivered - earlier than expected!  The process was completely professional and I was very impressed by the delivery man who was gracious and kind to everyone in the assisted living facility in which my parents live.  He called before arriving, arrived exactly when he said he would and made the transaction seamless.  Thank you!

6/27/2016 (Previous Review)

Honesty and integrity seem to be missing from American business these days, but my experience with Kane Garcia at the Burbank store showed me that these qualities still exist.  He went above and beyond to help when my mother's lift chair needed a new motor.  She was back in her chair within a day!  Mr. Garcia is in this business to help people, genuinely interested in the well-being of our elders.  You can't buy this kind of service - it comes from the heart.

yelp brooklyn ny natural organic latex mattress
5/14/2016   Lisa B.  Brooklyn, NY

Still LOVING my adjustable bed!!!  The update is about turning the mattress over.  This mattress is such high quality, it's heavy!  I have not turned it over and I am still comfy cozy.

5/19/2014   Previous Review

I love my Electropedic adjustable bed!

I had been shopping around for a mattress for 3 months.  It's so confusing, what kind of mattress, where should I buy my mattress, when should I buy, etc.  Then a friend put the idea of an adjustable bed into my head.  Oh no, here we go again with research.

I had called quite a few places for prices before I called Electropedic.  Yes I got cheaper prices but I also got cheaper quality, thinner mattresses, shorter warranties (Electropedic gives the longest warranty.)  Bottom line, you get what you pay for with an adjustable bed and mattress.

My first call with Electropedic was rushed.  I felt that the sales person didn't have time.  I took his name but for the sake of this review it's not necessary to reveal the initial salesperson.  I did learn that I want a latex mattress and not a foam mattress because foam mattresses are made from poisonous chemicals.

When I called back, Kane answered the phone.  WOW!  What a difference a day makes.  Kane was a wonderful and patient sales person.  He answered my questions, he figured out whether I needed a firm or extra firm mattress.  (I got extra firm.)

I don't know about you, but when I am spending thousands on a bed, sight unseen, I want my hand held.  The reason the bed was bought sight unseen is because I live in NY and Electropedic does not have any stores here.  They sell factory direct to keep out the middleman.  Electropedic's brand name represents quality so I was willing to proceed with the sale.  Boy am I glad I did!

I was having surgery the day before my scheduled delivery and would not be available for the delivery confirmation.  Kane took care of this and contacted the movers to confirm the delivery for me.  In addition, he sent me a deluxe set-up (pillows and sheets).  He followed up with me to make sure delivery went well, he called to make sure I loved the bed and he even called prior to delivery to see if I was getting excited.  You better believe, this is great customer service.

The bed is FABULOUS!  I had a $4,000 mattress prior to this bed and it didn't even come close to the comfort I have now.  I can't imagine how I lived without an adjustable bed....there's no going backwards now.  Thank goodness I am assured that the frame will last 20 years.

Another thing I love about the mattress... You can flip it over!  They don't make mattresses that you can flip over anymore unless you want to pay a king's ransom.  Most mattresses are not made to last 10 comfortable years, you are lucky to get 7.  This mattress should last 10 years.

Kane and Electropedic have a customer for life.  I haven't stopped telling everyone about my bed and I won't stop referring them

I LOVE MY ELECTROPEDIC!!!!!!  Would never think of buying a mattress elsewhere.

natural organic bed store yelp ratings los angeles ca

11/6/2015   Meloni M.   Los Angeles, CA.

I'd been searching for a bed for my son. We went to five different mattress stores. Nothing was comfortable to him we ended up at the electropidic store. The service was wonderful. We ended up buying a mattress for my son and for myself. I don't know how We ever lived without these beds . The zero gravity button allows you to put your head and feet up in s position to where there is no pressure hitting any of the points on your back it's so comfortable. You've  got to check out these beds.


yelp review fully electric high low adjustable hi lo hospital bed in Rocklin CA

8/16/2016   Larry P.   Rocklin, CA.

We are very happy with the Electropedic Bed we purchased. Fully adjustable, remote controlled, massage features etc. Delivery was fast and service was excellent! Not only are we happy with the bed we are very impressed with the quality of their customer service. They go above and beyond what you would expect from a business.


culver city ca yelp review rating report electric adjustable hospital bariatric bed

4/1/2016   C.C.   Culver City, CA

Wonderful selection and fantastic customer service!  Worked with us through a sensitive purchase for our elderly parent. When changes needed to be made, they were very helpful and patient.  Highly recommend


liftchair yelp review seattle WA

5/8/2014   Linda B.   Seattle, WA

Amazing product and service. Kane Garcia took over an hour with me to discuss each of my parents as a couple -- and their medical needs. Parents are moving to assisted living. Kane was beyond helpful. I have researched beds, lift chairs, fabrics, warranties ... AND I can tell you there is NO better product or service. HIGHEST REVIEW !


local burbank yelp adjustable electric power motorized bed

4/2/2010  Cybil S.  Burbank, CA

So I've been sleeping on my bed for 2 years now and I'm still in love. Thank you Electropedic for many nights of blissful slumber.

Previous Review   3/18/2018

So I didn't buy my bed from these people, but if you read my Beds Etc review you know that this place was instrumental in my choice in a bed...and they built it too!

If you want an adjustable bed these are the people to seek out. They craftsmanship is wonderful and they are SO SO SO SO SO comfortable! I sleep like the dead and wake of all warm and cozy.

They have a ton of integrity, and are serious about helping you get the right bed. Ask for help and they will happily oblige.

5 star yelp review los angeles cloud recline lift chair golden

3/4/2012   Charles R.   South San Francisco

I have had the pleasure of owning and restfully sleeping on an Electropedic adjustable bed now for almost 12 years. I have never had a problem with their product, with the exception of when I travel...because I can't take the bed with me. I purchased the bed for the adjustability and heavy foam mattress as it helps me deal with both a long term lumbar spine injury and with stomach reflux. The bed frame is top quality steel, does not require a wooden box surrounding the components (like most others) and the motors powering the bed have been completely trouble free. The ONLY thing I have ever had to do is replace the 9 volt battery in the remote control every few years. The construction and the component are first quality. The service was excellent when they delivered and installed the bed, even though I live in northern CA. Best of all, the price for this product was less than other competitors, one who at the time I purchased  were offering a 'free' TV with their bed. No surprise the competitor was charging several hundred dollars more for their product.

5 star yelp review los angeles cloud recline lift chair golden

12/18/2013   Moss T.   Los Angeles, CA.

purchased first bed here in june of 2011.  went in for a mattress and walked out with the full adjustable package (sleep science mattress + adjustable base).  will never be able to thank lloyd and his team (kane!) for "upselling me."  been blessed to stay in some of the best hotels in the world, but my wife and i return home to the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on in our lives.  bought a king size this past year after moving, keeping the queen for our guests.  both my parents and my sister have purchased from them.  i send EVERYONE here.  these guys are PROS.

5 star yelp review los angeles cloud recline lift chair golden

6/10/2019   Tad C.   Spring Branch, TX

These guys are great.  I bought a stair climber for my mom. They were prompt, friendly and had it installed in just a couple
Pf hours.  Talk to Brad.  You'll be glad you did.

springfield MO ratings adjustable electric bed

4/9/2015   Es. P   Springfield, MO

Brad was absolutely great to work with.  We had a little problem with the universal bracket that came with the wheelchair lift as we just weren't able to attach it.  He sent someone to the house and we are now ready to roll (so to speak).  I highly recommend this company for your vehicle lift needs.  I plan on going back to order a wheelchair cover from them.  I can't praise their customer service enough.

5 star yelp review rating report peoria az seat lift chair recliner

9/2/2017   Bryant A.   Peoria, AZ

I was in search of a lift chair recliner for my mother. She sleeps in her current one but it broke in the reclined position and was very difficult to get in and out of. I stopped by their store around 2pm on Saturday of a holiday weekend. Tom asked me how soon I needed it.  I replied she sleeps in it so as soon as possible. He said he would do it that day. Amazing customer service, very pleasant and the price was good as well.

5 star yelp review los angeles cloud recline lift chair golden

12/2/2018   S.O.   Dunedin, FL

Amazing white glove service! Compassionate, no pressure, went above and beyond with service. This is the second time I have worked with them. First time was earlier this year with scooters, lift chair and trays and two adjustable beds for my parents who were going to an Assisted Living. I was living in Florida and my sister in Tennessee - they were amazing over the phone and when we were at their store. They were extremely kind and patient with my Dad who had Dementia trying things out in the store. When he passed two weeks ago - assisted us with their equipment to Florida. Marshall Richardson our sales agent is a real Rock Star! A true pleasure working with.

chula vista ratings electric adjustable bed

9/11/2017   Sabrina R.   Chula Vista, CA

Love my new bed!!  I have a cal king and my hubby and I could never agree on a mattress!  Tom suggested a split!  One firm, one soft!  Why didn't anyone ever tell me that before?!  Thank you Tom &  Marshall for great service and a wonderful new bed!!!

5 star yelp review phoenix electropedic bed store report ratings

1/7/2018   K.D.   Phoenix, AZ

A fantastic experience. Such a tiny store front you'll likely miss it! It was good old fashioned customer service. Tim and Bill have product knowledge and wonderful ideas. In a time where online stores are taking over I found the personal service invaluable. I too am looking for a deal and often research a product with a real person and go on line to find a deal. Neither my husband or I felt any need. We felt our "deal" was in the Attention information and low pressure experience we had.


yelp 5 star reviews reports phoenix natural mattress

9/2/2017   Paula V.   Phoenix AZ

I saw only one old review here for this business and I think I know why. The store on Camelback is easy to drive right by without notice and if you do happen to notice it, it's not all that attractive. Well if you think the outside is unattractive...  the inside looks like it hasn't had any renovations since the 1970's. So far, this review sounds pretty negative but here's where it changes. Because I'm very sensitive to all the chemicals in regular mattresses, I wanted an all natural mattress and also an adjustable bed. I went in expecting to talk just about the bed but quickly realized the place also SPECIALIZES in all natural mattresses. Tom took his time explaining everything thoroughly and I bought both at a price lower than I expected to pay.  Even the delivery service was great with a couple very funny (yet hard working) guys. I'm sleeping like a baby.