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Phoenix Rent A Wheelchair Elevator Vertical Platform Porch Lift



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 Rent A Mobility 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

Phoenix Rent A Mobility 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

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 Rent A Lift Chair Recliner
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Phoenix Rent An Adjustable Bed

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Adjustable Bed Rentals are available for day, week, month and year.

Rent an Adjustable Bed with an Innerspring, Air, Latex or Memory Foam Mattress

Available Options are Side Rails, Table and Trapeze Bar.

Adjustable Beds are designed to look like a regular bed, without a hospital bed look.

Minimum charge to rent a Twinsize Adjustable Bed is $350.00 a month, with a usual $75.00 delivery and $75.00 pick up charge.

Hospital Bed Rentals are available for day, week, month and year.

Rent a Semi-Electric 2-Motor Hospital Bed with electric back and leg elevation. Rent a Fully Electric 3-Motor Hospital Bed with electric back and leg elevation and WHOLE BED up and down motion.

Standard Hospital Beds come 36" wide by 80" long.

When available Hospital Beds can also be ordered in a VERY LOW position for people who may fall out of bed.

The Optional 3rd motor on a Hospital Bed is to help: Assist in trasferring in and out of a wheelchair; to help get in and out of bed; and to assist a caregiver in helping take care of the patient.

Rent Phoenix Hospital Beds come standard with a vinyl covered mattress. Upgrade mattresses and pads are available. Bottom Fitted Sheets and Mattress Pads are available.

Options, when available, include a wider bed: 42" wide, 46" wide, 53" wide and 60" wide.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Rent Phoenix Hospital Beds with up to 1000 pound weight capacity are available.

Reverse Trendellenberg, Trendellenberg and Cardi-Recline Position Hospital Beds are usually available.

Minimum charge to rent a semi-electric Hospital Bed is $250.00 a month, with a usual $75.00 delivery and $75.00 pick up charge.  3-motor fully electric hospital beds rent for $350.00 a month.  Ask about the Latexpedic Latex Mattress upgrades.

Phoenix Rent Lift Chairs come in Small, Medium, Large, Tall, Wide and Heavy Duty.

Lift Chairs usually allow you to sit, stand and recline. Some Lift Chairs have two motors that allow you to indepedently elevate you back and your legs.

Minimum charge for a Standard Lift Chair Rental is $250.00 a month, with a usual $75.00 delivery and $75.00 pick up charge.

Many people apply their first month rental to the purchase of a Lift Chair.

  1. Phoenix Used Pride Mobility GoGo Rental Electric Elderly 3 Wheel and 4 Wheeled Senior Scooters Rentals

  2. Renting Phoenix Pride Mobility GoGo Rental Used Electric Elderly 3 Wheel and 4 Wheeled Senior Scooters

  3. Phoenix az Store:  Rent a Pride Mobility GoGo Rental Electric Elderly 3 Wheel and Used 4 Wheeled Senior Scooters

Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchair Rentals are designed to fit YOUR weight and height; indoor and outdoor usuage.

Standard Mobility Scooters Rent for $350.00 a month, with a $75.00 delivery and a $75.00 pick up charge.

Many people Rent with an Option to buy. Some people buy a Used Electric Scooter and Jazzy Power chair Power Wheelchair

Stair Lifts must be ordered to put on either the left side or right side of the Stairway.

Minimum Monthly Charge for Standard Indoor Stair Lift is $800 a month, plus $300 delivery - installation and $150.00 pick up charge. Custom Track not in stock is subject to extra charge.

Many people Rent with an Option to buy on a Stair Lift or Buy a Used Electric Stair Lift

TO RENT A HOSPITAL BED, ADJUSTABLE BED, LIFT CHAIR, STAIR LIFT, MOBILITY SCOOTER and ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR, PLEASE CALL 800-477-0248 Latexpedic is an Accredited Member of the Joint Commission; and have passed all the tests for training and safety in serving our community with Electric Home Care Products.

What Does 55 Years of Experience Mean to You?

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ELECTROPEDIC vehicle lift carrier trailer hitch class 3 c suv rv are hatchback wheelchair scooter senior elderly outside exterior lift Rent Lift Chair seat reclining liftchair recliner are leather 2-motor infinite position zero gravity pride golden chairlifts
SOS adjustable bed motorized frame are base foundation by reverie leggett platt electropedic ergomotion medlift and primo   ELECTROPEDIC stair lift chair stairway staircase are chair stairlift
Contact-Scooters 3 wheel 4 wheeled mobility senior cart elderly electric battery powered   wheelchair elevator vertical platform vpl
used electric pride jazzy powerchair wheelchair   
     latex mattress medical

rent electric adjustable bed phoenix rental hospital bariatric medical mattress 


AT ELECTROPEDIC, we like to deliver and set-up our Products:  We like to go-over and show you how to operate your equipment.  We are NOT an online company that ships a box to your front door; but we are a family owned company with 3 s - with the best display of Electric Homecare Products for you to try!  We also have a service center.  Many of our products run on batteries.  We have loaners, replacement batteries, motors and hand-controls in stock.  We like to offer 24-Hour Service & Delivery too.  Please ask about our Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty and Lifetime Service Commitment.  Please ask about our 10-Day/$75.00 Exchange Policy.  AT ELECTROPEDIC, we have never lost sight of the fact that our success is built upon GOOD SERVICE.

      Latex Mattress 
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Adjustable Beds Acorn ()  S-Cape II  PR-510  Twilight
Bariatric Beds Amigo (Shabbat)  GoGo  PR-505  Passport
Hospital Beds Golden Tech Elite  ES 600  Go Chair
Latex Mattresses PaceSaver  Traveller  PL50  Victory
Lift Chairs Pride  Primo  Hanidcare  Revo
Porch Lifts Shoprider  Med-Lift  1000  Luggie
Scooters Tuffcare  Cloud  Freecurve  Quickie
Scooter-Lifts Invacare  Macs Lift  950+  Raptor
Stair Lifts Jazzy  Relaxer  Elan  Avener
Vehicle-Lifts Lumex  EZ-Access  Elite  Infinity Beds
Wheelchairs Graham Field  Patriot  CRE-2110   
Wheelchair-Lifts Leggett & Platt  Savaria  WOK   
Wheelchair Elevators Prodigy  Blue-Chip  Span-America   
  Drive  Ergomotion  Zero-Gravity   
USED  Harmar  Viva  High-Profile   

   Adjustable Beds

Helix  Reverie 9T  THE ULTIMATE   
   Bariatric Beds Hawle  Burke-Bariatric  Natural 'n Organic   
   Hospital Beds Precision  Tri-Flex  Whole Mattress   
   Latex Mattresses Quickie  Volkner  LC-105   
   Lift-Chairs  Sunrise-Medical  PR-505  Tri-Lift   
   Mattresses Transfer-Master  Maxi-Comfort  Cirrus   
   Scooters  Supernal  Sleeper Lounge  Twilight   
   Scooter-Lifts Flex-A-Bed  Hi-Lo Bed  LiteRider   
   Stair Lifts Maxima  Avenger  EV-Rider   
   Wheelchairs VPL-3100 PL-72 WH1, WH2, WH3
   Porch Lifts SRE-2010 Acorn () Orthopedic-Firm
  SRE-3000 Trus-T-Lift Perfect-Firmness
RENT Medline Electropedic VPL-3100B, 3200B AND MORE!!


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