Harmar Chairlifts become an integral part of your home; making it both safe and easy to use your entire home again; and making it both safe and easy to go up and down your stairway again.  Our mission is to find you the right Harmar chairlift for your home, your personal needs, and your budget.  Our first and foremost concern is always your 100% Satisfaction.  Reasonable Prices Always.


When is comes to empowring your independence, being able to move around your own home is essential.  Installing a stairlift can significantly improve your accessibility and help you regain your freedom.  A stairlift is a great solution for your home.  As we age or face physical limitations, it's natural to feel concerned about our ability to maintain independence and move around our homes freely.  With the help of a stairlift, we can continue to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of our homes without any unnecessary stress or strain.

Harmar SL300 Stair Lifts


Indoor stairlifts are specifically designed for staircases with no bends or curved.  Indoor stairlifts provide a safe and convenient means of accessing different levels of a building without the need for physical exertion or assistance. The user sits on the chair and operates the stairlift using controls on the armrest or a handheld remote.  Indoor Straight Stairlifts are simple to install - they attach onto the stairs, not the wall. 

SL300 with Flip-Up

Los Angeles Harmar's SL300 stairlift 

Buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride!  Harmar's SL300 Stairlift are fantasic solutions to help you get from floor to floor, stress-free.  When not in use, simply fold the footrest, seat, and arm rests for an obstruction-free walkway.  Harmar's SL300 stairlift offers the narrowest fold in the industry of just 10'5".  No greast or lubrication required, meaning low maintenance and simple cleaning.

Harmar SL300 Stair Lifts

No Grease, No Mess
Enjoy your rides between floors
as the helical worm gear
 does all the work for you,
grease and lubrication-free!

Used Stair Lifts


Used stairlifts have gone through a rigorous refurbishment and inspection process, ensuring that each previously owned stairlift meets safety and performance standards before being resold.  This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're getting a reliable and safe stairlift at a very affordable price.





Serving Los Angeles and Southern California with very reasonal prices on the Harmar SL300 stairlift may vary depending on factors such as the dealer, installation requirements, and any additional features or options you choose. Typically, the cost can range from approximately $2,500 to $5,000 or more.  To get an accurate price quote for the Harmar SL300 stairlift in the Los Angeles Bay Area, I recommend contacting local mobility equipment suppliers, accessibility specialists, or home healthcare stores. They can provide you with pricing information tailored to your specific needs and offer guidance on installation and any other requirements you may have. Additionally, reaching out to Harmar directly or visiting their website might provide you with a list of authorized Harmar dealers in your area who can assist you with pricing and installation.

Bruno Stair Lifts

AccessBDD Stair Lifts

Acorn Stair Lifts (Used)

The Harmar SL300 is a popular stairlift model known for its reliability and convenience. It's designed for straight staircases and features a foldable footrest and seat, making it space-efficient when not in use. The flip-up seat and armrests allow for easy access to the staircase for other users when the lift is not in operation.  If you're interested in purchasing the Harmar SL300 with flip-up seat in Los Angeles, you can check with local mobility equipment suppliers, accessibility specialists, or home healthcare stores. They may carry or be able to order the SL300 model for you. Additionally, contacting Harmar directly or visiting their website can provide information on authorized dealers or distributors in the area who offer the SL300 stairlift with the flip-up option.

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Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) or Wheelchair Elevator Lifts are mechanical devices designed to vertically transport individuals who use wheelchairs or scooters between levels of a building. These lifts are typically installed indoors or outdoors and are commonly used in residential homes, public buildings, and commercial spaces to provide accessibility for people with mobility challenges.

VPLs consist of a platform that can accommodate a wheelchair or scooter and is raised and lowered along a vertical track or guide system. They are usually operated by a push button or a remote control, allowing users to easily access different levels without having to navigate stairs or ramps.

These lifts are available in various configurations to suit different installation requirements, including straight-through lifts for simple vertical transportation and inclined lifts for situations where space is limited or where the lift needs to follow a specific path.

VPLs play a crucial role in promoting accessibility and inclusivity, enabling individuals with disabilities to navigate spaces independently and with dignity. They are subject to various safety regulations and standards to ensure the safety of users and compliance with building codes.