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Bruno VPL Vertical Platform Lifts

Make your home or business friendly for people with mobility challenges with a Bruno vertical platform lift. People in scooters and wheelchairs will appreciate the vertical platform lift's smooth, quiet ride as they travel from one level to another. Bruno wheelchair lifts offer access up to 14-feet.

Bruno VPL Vertical Platform Porch Mobile Home Handicapped Lift

At ELECTROPEDIC STAIR LIFTS we realize that the long-term trouble-free use of your stair lift actually depends on the original INSTALLATION.  Our Part.  We Install our New & Used Stair Lifts better than anyone else in the Industry.  Our Installers have OVER 20 YEARS of Experience EACH.  Getting it Done Right from the Beginning.  This is what we do.  AT, Installation is not something that just has to get done:  INSTALLATION IS EVERYTHING!
. Make a church, school or public building accessible for people with mobility devices with a Bruno commercial vertical platform lift. Let a Bruno commercial wheelchair lift expert give guidance on meeting A.D.A. codes and choosing the right vertical platform lift for your project.
Increase access for yourself
Sometimes called a porch lift, a Bruno vertical platform lift gives people in scooters and wheelchairs the ability to easily enter/exit their home. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Bruno vertical platform lifts also provide access up to 14 feet for decks and basements
Boost home access for people in mobility devices. 
bruno vpl vertical platform porchlift

Residential Vertical Platform Lift

Model: VPL-3100B; VPL-3200B

Use a vertical platform lift like a mini home elevator. Often called a porch lift, a Bruno residential vertical platform lift is a cost-effective home accessibility solution to give scooter and wheelchair users an alternative to entryway or deck steps.





Residential VPL Features 

Automatic self-lowering folding ramp  Quiet, smooth rideWeather-resistant finish and controls  Emergency stop switch on platform 
Safety sensors in platform bottom stop unit if obstruction sensed  Affordable AC power in 4- and 6-ft units  Reliable DC battery power, available in all heights and standard above 10-ft, ensures operation in power outage

AFTER INSTALLATION, We kindly show you all the features and benefits of your Stair-Lift; including how easy it is to fold up the seat and foot rest, use the up 'n  down control, the remotes, seat belt, swivel seat; and most importantly, how your stairlift automatically charges your batteries when the stairlift is parked in the all the way up and down position.   We let you test drive your stairlift all the way up and down your stairway; and perform the simple operations of your stairlift.  We show you how easy it is to call and send your stairlift with your remote controls.  THE BEST THING is that your Stair-Lift is virtually maintenance free for the life of your stairlift, . . . the only thing we remind you is about how your stairlift batteries are going to have to be replaced in about 3 years. We also briefly explain how the Built-In Service Diagnositics works:  If you ever have a problem with any of the components of your stair lift, you will hear an error message "beeping sound".  Then call (877)727-1954.  We fully understand that your Stair Lift ALWAYS has to work - and we are always just a phone call away.  

Technical Specifications & Product Downloads


Bruno VPL Specs

Lift capacity: 750 lb/340 kg

Lift height: Access to 14 ft/4343 mm (VPL 3200B)

Platform: 36 in x 48 in/914 mm x 1219 mm

Platform wall height: 42 in/1067 mm


Bruno VPL Power

Affordable AC power in 4- and 6-ft units

Reliable DC battery power available in all travel heights ensure operation even during a power outage (standard in 10-ft and above)

Bruno VPL Safety

Emergency stop switch on platform

Safety sensors in platform bottom stop unit if obstruction sensed

Non-skid platform, ramp surfaces


OUR 55 YEARS in the Electric Homecare Industry will mean the RIGHT Porch Lift for you.  We do not promote only one stairlift manufacturer and only one-model; but assess the situation first; and base our recommendations on what is best for you.  We are authorized dealers of 5 different porchlift manufacturers and 8 different porchlift models . . . each one is best for its own reasons.  After we digest all the information about you, your porch area and your budget, we can start to tell you what are some of your choises; and make some recommendations, . . . .  is a Straight or Curved StairLift a better alternative, . . . when we've been assessing similar situations as long as we have, . . . .our experience will mean the RIGHT porch lift for you.  ASSESSMENTS ARE IMPORTANT!  Please call ELECTROPEDIC PORCH LIFTS today (877)727-1954.  You will be glad you did.

I got Handicare Stairlift for my aging mother. They just seem to be the closest to me and the most likeable. The installation team was fabulous. So I'm also very impressed with the stairlift. It has made my mother's life better by 100%.


My husband had a stroke and we decided to go to Gatti Pharmacy in Indiana for a stairlift. A rep came down and explained all the Handicare Stairlift features. And about five days after, we have our stairlift. The workmen were here in and out in a day and they cleaned up after themselves. They were wonderful and very thoughtful. They made sure we understood every feature before they left. Our straight stairlift is nice and the cost is very reasonable. It’s a little tight, but we can get around it. We both use it every single day and we enjoy it very much.


Original review: Aug. 2, 2018

My husband is handicapped about going up and down the steps and because we were afraid of him falling, we needed a stairlift for mobility. The other stairlift providers said that my stairway was too narrow and they wouldn’t put one in for me, so I went with Handicare and bought the straight stairlift. Interacting with the reps during the sales visit was excellent and they were all super people to work with. The two installers who came were also super. They couldn’t do enough to make us comfortable and help us out. The Handicare stairlift is perfectly good and we love the way it works. The quality is very good and it's worth it.


My son is in a wheelchair so we decided to purchase a stairlift. Handicare Stairlifts has good reviews and they were responsive when I called them. The rep came out twice for the sales visit and he told me all my different options. He was very responsive and forthright with me about what my options were and he was thorough and upfront about what would work best and what wouldn't. Then I made an appointment and went to the office, and he showed me all the different options. Overall, he did a good job. We had a straight stairlift installed and its quality is pretty good. How it fit into our stairwell was as good as it could be, given the space that we were working with. The stairlift was an expensive purchase and it was not covered by insurance, but it has been great and it has made it easier to get my son around. I was very pleased with our experience with Handicare Stairlifts.


Original review: Aug. 3, 2018

My legs got worse and I couldn’t do steps. I tried going up with the kids helping me for a while, but it was too much of a struggle. So, I figured stairlifts are worthwhile. I got one from Handicare and their sales visit was all good. I got the straight one and its perfect for my stairwell. Its ride is very fluid and I’ve no trouble with it.


I'm on oxygen, and it was hard to get up and down the stairs. I bought a straight, indoor stairlift from Handicare. They were a little cheaper than other providers. Handicare's rep was a really nice person, very personable and nice to work with. I appreciated that she came, saw what I needed and didn't try to sell the most expensive thing to me. The installers were super and really nice people, too. They really cared about what they were doing and they showed me how to use the stairlift. The stairlift is great. Everything folds up if somebody needs to get past it. I've had it since May and it has made my life a whole lot easier. Before, I just really stressed about having to go downstairs and, now, I don't.


Handicare stairlift was expensive, but I got it on sale at 20% off so it saved me quite a lot of money. The rep went on a sales visit and did a good job personally. They told us everything we needed to know about it. The guy who installed it was very pleasant and informative, too, and he was finished in one day. The stairlift is of good quality. We've got one of the fold-up arms that come up. It was pretty easy to fold up myself. I got problems walking up and down the stairs so I got a stairlift, but I still go up and down the stairs myself as much as I can. I use the stairlift when it is necessary.


Using the Handicare stairlift has been helping and making a big difference in the life of my elder who needed a stairlift. A rep showed up and he was very nice, and he showed me the steps in getting the stairlift. We gave him the measurements of our stairs and then he ordered the unit. We got a curved stairlift from them. Then the installers came on time and they installed it, and they did a demonstration on how to use it. We've got wide stairs upstairs and it fits okay into the stairwell. The stairlift is expensive but its quality is good.


Original review: July 25, 2018

I’m an amputee and my one leg and my arm were giving out from going up and down the stairs of the house I had before. Then when we bought a new house, everything is on one floor, but it has a garage and a bonus room, which I made into a music room. So I had two Handicare stairlifts put in to make it easy for me to use the stairs. The sales representative was a good guy. You couldn't get a better salesperson than him. He made a special appointment on a Saturday for us and he said he wouldn’t be comfortable selling me one until I tried it. So we tried a few of his different stairlifts. Then the technicians put the straight stairlifts in the next day. After it got finished, they showed us how it worked and explained what to do if the power went out.

The very next day, one of the stairlifts got a short in it and it wouldn’t stop beeping. The guy wanted to come right then, but it was late in the evening so we told him not to. But he was here at 8 o’clock the next morning to fix it. He found out that something was pinching a wire in the chair and would cut a wire the way it was made. He said he was gonna write it up that this pair of new chairs had a flaw and he even went and fixed the one that didn't need to be fixed, so it wouldn't happen to it. Other than that, it’s easy for me to get in and out of the stairlift and it’s quiet. A lot of times, I'm up during late at night and my wife doesn't even hear me when I ride that thing up the steps. I love both of my Handicare stairlifts. And I would recommend them to anybody.


My wife has fallen down the steps and injured herself seriously. We live in a two-story house and had to have a stairlift installed. I used to work for the company, a local dealer, that sells Handicare stairlifts. It was after I was let go that I knew that there were a lot of people that serviced handicaps with their oxygen tanks. I talked to John and he mentioned a few or higher-end models, but we settled for what he suggested, which was Handicare. I trusted him and I got the stairlift.

I personally know the installation team and they were good. We have a straight stairlift installed and it's tight. The space was narrow and the steps were steep. According to them, we only had an inch or two to spare. That aside, the stairlift is great for my wife. I like the quietness of the stairlift and also that it has remote controls. It has the feature that lets it fold-up at the bottom which is nice. Also, the cost was adequate and it was right where I thought it should be. Plus, if we ever move out of here, the stairlift will be a good sales feature. Overall, I'm highly satisfied and would recommend Handicare to others.


Original review: March 2, 2018

We have elderly people living with us and they needed the lift. We got feedback online and from some other people that had bought stairlifts. It seems like Handicare's reputation and quality was better than some of the other ones out there. The rep I dealt with was excellent as far as explaining to us what it was, what we are getting and what was involved. We have a turned staircase in the house so the stairlifts are required to be ordered. He had recommended that he could put a straight line in for us while the other one was on order so we get us at least most of the stairs down. He even did that while we were waiting for the custom built ones and it took six weeks to get it. He always gets back to me and kept me posted on what was happening. He represented well and did a good job.

The installer did a professional job and the installation looks fine. The stairlift looks well-built and I'll be very happy if a year from now it's still doing the same thing. In terms of the cost in relation to the quality, it is very competitive. We had it for two weeks and so far it seems to do the job. We’ve been very happy so far and I would tell a friend not to hesitate to use Handicare.


I have lung cancer so I needed a stairlift. I like Handicare's price so I bought a straight type unit from them. Their installation team was nice and showed me everything about the stairlift, how it works and where its batteries were. It's good and it has saved me steps. I haven't had the unit that long but I really like it. I had a good experience with them.


I needed help getting up the stairs, and the occupational therapist that I was working with at that time recommended Handicare Stairlifts. I talked to the reps and they seemed reasonable and could meet my needs pretty quickly. The straight stairlift that I got is as compacted as I imagined it should be, and it fits fine inside of the stairwell. We had to decide whether or not to take the rails on both sides of the stairs, and we decided to take one rail out so we could put the stairlift closer to the wall. But I still want to install a rail that's more pressed to the wall behind that, so that we could still have rails on both sides. The quality of the stairlift is okay, the ride is pretty good and I feel safe enough. I'm also not falling down the stairs anymore, which is its major feature.

However, I was a little concerned at first because our stairlift is quiet going down but coming up, where it's more underloaded, it hums a little more. The stairlift that we tried out in the store was a little quieter going up. I had the technicians come out to look at my stairlift, but they didn't think anything was wrong or unusual. They just put a bit more lubricant on it to make sure the noise is bearable. The model that we got has the post of the seat on one side, and it extends out over the seat. I'm a little worried that it will sag at the end of that seat, but it hasn't so far. That model was also the more inexpensive version. They didn’t have another option and I didn't want to wait, so it was the one we had to choose. The Handicare stairlift has been worth a peace of mind and I would recommend them.


Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

My wife keeps having trouble going up the steps so I called Walnut Medical and Handicare was what they handled. I paid $3100 and the stairlift seems to be working good. It's predominantly for my wife but if it's sitting there and I have to go up for a reason, I jump on it and go too. But if we don't want to use it, we can also walk up the steps easily because the seat, footrest and both arms go up. The staircase is straight shot here and as far as that goes, the Handicare stairlift can't be beat.


Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

My mom's all set and happy with Handicare Stairlifts. She has COPD and she can't get up and down the stairs. Somebody had a used Handicare stairlift that was available through Adaptech and that one was less expensive so we got her that for her. It's the straight option stairlift and it's perfect. The quality is very nice, it rides well and it’s not noisy.


I couldn't walk up the steps anymore. My daughter had Handicare installed for the steps, straight up. It's good quality, and regarding the noise level, I can hardly hear it. I'm safe and it's made it easier for me to go upstairs to my bedroom and my bath. It's also good that it’s got a remote and I would recommend Handicare if others needed a stairlift.


Handicare was recommended to us by people who had done it. The representative who helped with our purchase was very informative and covered all of the questions that we had about it. He also did the installation and he did fine, only took about two hours. Overall, Handicare has good people, good price, and it's a good equipment.


Original review: April 27, 2017

I was researching stairlifts for my wife and when I was reading the history of Handicare, they seemed to be a company with a good background and it gave me the trust in calling them up. There were two people I dealt with. Edward was the person who installed the stairlift. A second person came towards the end to give him a final assist. Both were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a positive experience. My wife goes well with the stairlift and I’m amazed that I can get up and down the stairs without any trouble. The results that were achieved were beyond our expectations.


Original review: April 5, 2017

I ordered in November and it was install January 3, 2017. I had problems with the delivery day but they managed to have it delivered in time. Great customer service and a great job done by the Orlando office. This was installed for my mother-in-law who happens to be 95 years old and I live on the second floor. It was a blessing for her to be able to come up and down with ease. It was the best three months she had living in Florida for the winter season. I'm hoping she makes it again next year and next year and next year. If not then it was worth every penny to see the joy in her face. Again Handicare great job on your services and your effort in coming through to get this installed in a timely manner.


Handicare was willing to come out to the house right away and give an estimate. Interactions with their sales reps were good, as well. They were fast and knew everything about their product. The installer was also great and knowledgeable. I really like the stairlift. It’s like having an elevator to get to the second floor.


I just had gone through two back surgeries so I was struggling to get up the steps but thanks to Handicare, I'm getting up and down the stairs now. I found the company through the ConsumerAffairs' site and their free-form stairlift conformed to our stairwell much better. During purchase, a young man designed a program which was very good. They have a computer-aided design system that let us put down little markers and they can calculate the chair lift/chair slope for the rail all the way up. I could see a computer-generated illustration of what it looks like in our stairwell or how much of the stairwell it takes up. Also, the product's made separately in Holland, assembled and tested, before it comes here to be put in.

One guy started installation then another joined him later on. I let them have their space because they had a lot of parts to put together and they did it well within the time that they said they would when it got here. And it works. The chair is self-centering even if we have vicious slope changes. We have a two-run staircase with a one-step well halfway up. So, the chair has to go up, level out, change, and then guide itself into a climb to get up. It pulls down around the bottom of the stairwell all the way into a parking place. It’s perfect and our landing is big enough that it’s far enough away from the stairwell that I don’t lose any traffic to it. And it folds out of the way, too. So far, I would recommend Handicare. Their system, though a bit more expensive than the others, fits our needs better.


I did a lot of research after I had already committed to another company. I’ve read some of the comments about their chairlift and they were negative. So I looked up the number one stairlift in Florida and the one for Handicare came up. It was good that I did that because I know I’m happier with the stairlift that I bought from Handicare than I would have been with the other one. Handicare has a lifetime motor guarantee and their extended warranty also was beneficial.

The representative was great, courteous, professional and knowledgeable about the product. The explanation of the product and the warranties and the features sold me. The installation of the product was really quick and the installer did a very professional job too. He had given me a step-by-step on how they did it because my husband was very concerned. We just put new carpet in, and the installer was explaining exactly where he would put it and how it’d look against the wall and some extra safety tips.

I feel very secure on the stairlift and it’s comfortable. I can now get upstairs and be with my family. I’m very satisfied with Handicare. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who had any stairs. As a matter of fact, my husband is thinking of putting one outside for me ‘cause I haven’t been able to go back down off our deck for the last four years.


Our experience with Handicare Stairlifts has been very good and very efficient. It was the most accessible from where we live at the time that we got it and the rep who assisted us with our purchase was fabulous. He was very personable and very knowledgeable, and answered all our questions. He did not try to push for us to get it. He just explained the different options and was very helpful. He was very clear about the warranties as well. He also told us that we can remove it if we ever sell the house and take it with us which was a revelation that I hadn't even thought about.

When the chair tilted when my husband tried to get out of it a couple of days ago, Handicare sent someone out this morning and he knew exactly what the problem was. It had something to do with a bolt and he fixed it immediately. He came early and was efficient. Handicare has made my husband's life a lot more enjoyable. The stairlift is convenient for him. It gets him up to our second floor without him struggling up the stairs, which was becoming harder and harder for him.


I liked the price of Handicare compared to another provider so I purchased from them. Their sales rep was very nice, informative, and helpful. He took his time to explain and went all out his way, so we really appreciated that and he was more impressive than the rep from another provider. That same guy took care of the installation. He showed us how to use the stairlift, made sure that we use a safety belt. He also showed us the paperwork in case we wanted a tax return. We felt like he had our best interest in mind and we were grateful for his service. If ever we wanted to take the stairlift out or move it or give it back, they can help us do all of them. I love it. I could just sit in the chair and press the button to go up, and I don’t have to worry about taking up the flight. Overall, they were very good. When we asked for assistance, they came and did the job right away.


I did a search for stair lifts and I like Handicare Stairlifts' price and the lack of negative comments and rip-off so we went with them. We had several companies who gave us a call and tried the hard sell on us even though we told them we weren't interested. We compared what was offered by different companies and Handicare was by far, the most reasonable, not only on price but also in their presentation of the material. Also, our interaction with their reps has been a very good experience.

Their installation team was fine. However, there’s a two or three inch gap between the lift installed and the wall going up the stairs. My wife thought that it should have been a bit closer but I don't blame them because they asked me whether that was okay for me when putting it in and I said it's okay. But she would have liked it to have been a few inches closer to give us more room on the stairs. Nevertheless, it looks good and it operates very well. I've used it quite often since it was installed and it's a good system. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and I appreciated their professionalism.


When we called Handicare, their people came the next day to talk and it didn’t take long at all. Their installers were very quick and they cleaned up after themselves. They talked to my son about how to operate it. The sales rep also came back and worked with me afterwards because I felt panicky when I was on the stairlift. He was a great help to me. I feel much safer and I’m no longer panicky on it. I was having difficulty on the steps, but now the stairlift helps me stay in my own home.


I needed a stairlift and found Handicare online. I visited them, and the owner was really nice and answered all my questions. The purchase was a pretty quick transaction. The Handicare stairlift works great, no problems with it. I feel confident that Handicare would be there if anything goes wrong. Also, I like that it's a local company. Overall, Handicare Stairlifts met my needs very well.


My previous stairlift died so I replaced it with a Handicare Stairlift. This new one is working beautifully and its installation was pretty simple. The team that did it was courteous and cleaned after themselves. A guy from Handicare has repaired stairlifts at my house as well as my mother's, and he was excellent. Actually, we're in line to get one exactly like my mother's and overall, our experience with Handicare Stairlifts has been very satisfying.


We had nothing but good experience with Handicare's reps and installers. And we're very pleased with everything associated with the stair lift. The up and down feature worked well for my husband.


I purchased a Handicare stairlift about 18 years ago for my mother. I have one now and I’m enjoying it very much. It’s a wonderful thing because it makes it easier for me to get from one level of my house to the next. Plus, it gets what I need like my groceries up to my second level. Not to mention, the Handicare representative was helpful. He came out because my stairlift was broken and he secured me a new one. He knew what I needed and installed it in a timely manner.

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AT, We realize that your Stair Lift ALWAYS has to work.  If you ever need service, we are just a phone call away (877)727-1954
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