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It All Started in Switzerland . . . On a leisurely, European vacation, Henry Kraus found himself at a small boutique hotel nestled within the the Swiss Alps.  Here he found one of the most restful nights sleep he had in years.

Was it the Mattress . . .
Was it the Hotel . . .
Was it the Alps . . .
Was it that he left his strains and stresses at home . . ?

Very grateful, he decided he had to stay another night in this hotel.  Again, he woke up feeling so rested; and without his usual back and muscle tightness.  Mr. Kraus actually had back surgery to relieve most of his back pain about 20 years earlier.  He was again amazed at how well his back felt in the morning.

Already being in the mattress business; manufacturing and selling orthopedic-innerspring type mattresses for his trademark company that he founded, Electropedic Adjustable Beds, Mr. Kraus felt like he wanted to cut open this mattress just to see what was inside.  Mr. Kraus also had 20 years of experience being a hands-on upholsterer, so he started investigating on how to see what was inside.

He soon discovered that there was a zipper (and that European Mattresses automatically came with a zipper),  Before he un-zipped the mattress, Mr. Kraus started looking for the "Law-Label" that he knew was always required, at least in America.

Within a minute, Mr. Kraus found the law label; and it simply read "100% LATEX FOAM."

He then un-zipped the mattress, and looked inside.  Mr. Kraus was already familiar with polyurethane foam in the bedding industry, but this 100% LATEX FOAM looked and felt completely different.  He subsequently found out that 100% LATEX FOAM was actually very popular in Europe.

Mr. Kraus just had to stay just one more night.  He was pondering on how to get one of these mattresses back to the USA for his personal use.  He was also pondering how he might introduce this mattress within his trademark company, Electropedic Adjustable Beds.

Within a year, Mr. Kraus was sleeping on his own Latex Mattress; and the Latex Mattress became the best selling mattress with the Electropedic Adjustable Bed.

The truth is, Latex Mattresses are in a class by itself.  It supports and provides more comfort, than any other type of mattress.  It is breathable and is the OPPOSITE of Memory Foam:  Latex Mattresses always "push-back"; unlike memory foam that sinks and bottoms-out.

And Latex Foam is a Natural Product, make from the milk of the Rubber Tree; unlike synthetic, man-made polyurethane foam that is 100% UN-NATURAL.

Please take the time for your own personal invesigation about Latex Mattresses.  We have 3 Different Models on Display; made with:

Each of our Models come in your choice of (4) four different firmnesses:

We also sell 3 different types of Latex Foam:

Just as important, we help you match the right type of Latex, Model (thickness) and Firmness for your ultimate goal:  to get the best night's sleep possible, and to wake-up feeling your best, without back pain.  You won't be disappointed.

We are a small manufacturer - and we still make our mattresses one at a time - with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that Henry Kraus had started 59 Years earlier:

 We are still family owned and operated and take pride in what we do each day.  We are still in the same two locations.

We welcome you into the family of WHOLEPEDIC MATTRESSES.

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